Welcome to the 5-billion channel universe.

We have seen the future of advertising and it is here now. Narrow targeting, total control, less waste, accountability, sophisticated reporting and 5-billion channels (websites and mobile apps) to choose from.

What's not to like?

Video is our choice for digital advertising. An engaged consumer sees an advertisement before receiving the content they want to view. We have debated the effectiveness of banner ads since 1997. They have never been very effective online and are less so on your smartphone. Video ads on a computer, tablet or phone offer exciting creative and analytic opportunities not available in traditional TV. works directly with top content providers like Yahoo, YouTube, Hulu, Google, Microsoft, c|net, ESPN, NBC, LA Times and hundreds of other respected media partners. We avoid questionable ad networks where the content is junk, the deals are too good to be true, and click fraud is rampant.